The shape of the artificial bait was designed based on one of the most frequent targets of the great predators of the Mediterranean the small barracuda

The target of the lure is to attract big amberjacks ,bluefish ,qeenfish ,bonito, tuna, needlefish and the big barracuda since we all know their cannibalistic tendencies.


The skeleton of BR200 has a 1.2mm through wire 316 grade stainless which is one of the most durable in the market to be able to withstand even the most persistent and powerful predators.

The body of the artificial bait is made of liquid polyurethane. It has been balanced by adding back weight in order to have the best possible shot against wind, collapse in the water to enable us to work even in difficult weather conditions. Finally the 2 layers of epoxy varnish make it even stronger and more resistant to bites and hit.Its weight  35g , it is  200mm long with BKK FANGS BT662-UA 2# treble hooks.


The technique of the bait has the same functions  as all the top water lures. ”WTD” (fast or slow) ,the Skipping with strong jerks the tip of the rod and speed can be perfectly represent a small hunted barracuda that jumps and splash in water.

The innovation of this product which is the reason it is considered so unique , is the underwater WTD. While you make doing a slow and gentle recovery with WTD to the surface after a pause and hit the tip of the rod down it sink slightly and you can control it normally like WTD under the surface.

Thus the predator can target and hit  the prey more easily since we frequently see failures of large predators on the surface.